S A S O L e B I R D S

Sasol eBirds features a Smart Search that will quickly sort the 950 species to a list of between 30 and 40 birds.

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Step One: First click on the map where you want to search for birds.
The list will load with all the birds for that degree, in occurring order. Click next to proceed.
Step Two: Next choose the beak shape that applies to the bird you are searching for.
The list will load again now sorted by beak shape as well as degree, still in occurring order.
Step Three: Finally choose the approximate size of the bird that you are searching for.
The final list will load: sorted by degree, beak shape, bird size and in occuring order.
Tap finish to go to the information pages for all the birds listed. From here you can see the illustration, listen to the sounds, view distribution maps and see the text for each bird.
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