SASOL eBirds V3 Download (148MB)

This download is available to existing customers only.
To receive an upgrade registration number (R180 incl VAT) please call/email Mike on 0117873790 or [email protected] with all your details (Name, email address, telephone number and if you have it the old registration number).
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When the download has completed you will need to extract the files using an extracting program eg. Winzip ( When the file has been extracted you will be left with 3 folders: 2577, BirdData and CF. All 3 of these folders must go onto the root of the memory card using an external memory card reader or Activesync.

Insert the memory card into your device. If you are asked for permission to run autorun.exe answer yes, this will bring up a menu showing the programs on the memory card. Tap on Sasol eBirds V3 to install the program.